Babylon is a revolutionary health app that enables you to speak with a real Doctor in minutes. It’s a totally new way of getting a medical diagnosis, but behavioural change is hard to achieve, so we identified a behaviour we could ‘nudge’.

Every day, millions of people misdiagnose themselves online. 1 in 20 Google searches are health related. The result is ‘cyberchondria’, a digital pandemic to which Babylon is the perfect cure.

To launch the app, we poked fun at the dramatic (and sometimes plain weird) flights of imagination people go through when they digitally self-diagnose. The campaign ran across London in press, digital and OOH.

In the first week, downloads increased 30% and registrations increased 50%. After a month, 75% of the people who’d seen the campaign said they’d consider paying for the service.


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 indigestion_48headache red eyes_DYM

sore throat

Hangover Kingsland Rd

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